Sunday, 8 November 2009

I got up early this morning and went down to the allotment with my leaf rake and onion hoe. I raked up most of the fallen leaves and put them into a great jute 'leaf moulder' sack. It was really huge which surprised me and probably had as much room in it as the conventional chicken wire one that I have in the garden.
Not so nice was the quantity of cat pooh that I found underneath the leaves! I also found my thick gardening gloves, partially decomposed, as well. Unfortunate, as I needed them as I was pulling up nettles from round the edges of the beds. I'm now typing this with tingly hands.
came home with my harvest of curly kale and broccoli to listen to the Archers and make a big brunch.
The rain hasn't hit here yet, so we'll hopefully get out for a walk this afternoon.

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