Wednesday, 8 July 2009


The courgette overload is well and truly underway. Nigel went and picked some more this evening (I am feeling sorry for myself with flu-like symptoms).
The great news is that I have the best courgette chutney recipe ever thanks to Hugh Fearnley Whitingstall writing in the Guardian magazine a couple of years ago. My vegetarian sensibilities used to be offended by him but I have developed an increased respect for him - especially over the last few years.
So thanks Hugh, the preserving pan awaits!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

New border

In the mid-day heat, as most other people were relaxing enjoying the annual Ip-Art 'music in the park' festival, we spent three hours at the allotment.
Nigel, who is such a star, removed the old frost damaged tiles from bed one and built a new wooden frame.
I spent my time digging out root upon root of bindweed and pulling up mares tail.
We've been so knackered since that we've been virtually incapable of speech and movement.
A sign of how bad we are is that we have just been sitting watching 'The long kiss goodnight' on Five- its a pretty awful film, only made bearable by spotting actors who now appear is the various CSI franchises.
However, I digress. I also planted curly kale in the brassica bed - after removing a cabbage white who had found its way in.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

List of things to take tomorrow

Drill and bits
Lump hammer
Spirit level
Curly kale plants (for planting)
Water (for drinking)