Monday, 31 August 2009

Pumpkins and knitting

Nigel and I took a break at Towersey folk festival this weekend. We had never been before and it was thoroughly enjoyable - if slightly windy for the first couple of days. We came home yesterday so that we got a day back at home to relax before going back to work on Tuesday.
My day started by cooking a 'Claire mega veggie breakfast'. I then started on my autumn knitting project - a coat in a merino/cashmere mix yarn which arrived whilst I was away. I only got as far as 11 rows though, all done on 9mm needles, as I discovered that my 10mm needles were not really long enough, so I'll need to get some more - what hardship!
Then off to the allotment...weeded around my poor old leeks who were in danger of being choked and redug the area where I'd taken the sweetcorn up ready for some green manure when the courgettes have finished. I'd planned to pull them up today, but they're still productive so will leave them for another week. This afternoon it's time for another round of glutney making if I can find some where to get some extra jars.
The best thing about the allotment at the moment are the pumpkins and butternut squash which are coming on a treat. I'm very excited as I've never had the room to grow pumpkins before. Will mark their progress in pictures on my next entry!