Saturday, 28 November 2009

How sandy?

This morning was spent pond digging. About 20cm into the top soil we (well Nigel) hit pure sand. I always knew that our soil was really sandy, but didn't realise to what extent. The road that the alloments run off is, I think, the course of an old river, and we do have underground springs apparently on the allotment site.
After digging out the hole and putting the liner in place we excitedly went to fill the pond only to find that the water supply had been switched off for the winter! Oh well, we'll have to watch it fill up bit bit with rainwater.
It actually feels much more like November today, so I have got a soup of sweet potato, leek, butternut squash, carrot, parsnip, ginger, garlic and chilli on the go - a real winter warmer!

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  1. Funny that that you are creating a pond too. I was given a pond liner a couple of years ago and have just enough space left over next to my raised veg boxes to put it in. It is going to be a wildlife pond. We don't have sandy soil - we don't have soil at all as we are on a marsh, so any digging down that needs to be done has to be done when the river level is low - hence my very raised veg beds!