Sunday, 26 April 2009

Progress and paths!

We have made real progress over the weekend. A 20 minute visit yesterday gave me time to take back most of the growth with my newly sharpened shears, and our friend Brian - never to be left alone with a weedy plot and a fork - frantically cleared the area around the rhubarb and beyond, rescuing some alliums (welsh onions?) in the process. I've now got stuff to remember to water!
Today I went down at 8am as I had spotted that there had been a bark chippings delivery and I wasn't sure how long the pile would last. I got the first path lined and bark filled quickly and then went home to cook breakfast for Nigel and his Mum, Flo.
Liz and I then spent another couple of hours at the allotment, she carried on path clearing and I did numerous trips to and from the chippings pile, and by lunchtime we had two finished paths plus one of the beds entirely covered out in black plastic.


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  2. You forgot to mention the marvelous lunch I had prepared for you and Liz on your return!