Saturday, 10 July 2010


Garlic and peas!

Also mange tout, onions and courgettes. The raspberries are fruiting their little socks off (despite supposedly being an autumn fruiting variety). Every trip to the allotment at the  moment is a tasting session!

In the garden I've got some beautiful french beans which are growing really well. They're grown from some heritage seed that I got given last year. They are said to be purple podded. The flower is the most beautiful and delicate pinky/purple.

It is so incredibly hot but despite the soil being so sandy, everything is thriving well without requiring too much water. A good soaking once or twice a week seems to be absolutely fine at the moment for the plants. Unlike for me, when I feel like I need a good soaking once or twice an hour! Nigel, Timmy and I went down to Southwold this morning to take advantage of the lovely sea breeze and righteous paddling ensued!

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