Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sky TV

Tonight a film crew were at the allotments filming an article for Sky news to be shown at the weekend. I was filmed shaking dirt from the roots of a clump of couch grass and was told by the camera man that it was the 'money shot' - perhaps this means that I was exposing more than just my weeds!
I've got my first allotment blisters as well, and I'm sure my ability to walk will be impeded tomorrow! Bed one is now about 60% cleared, so I should be able to get it finished and some beans in at the weekend (if I can walk again by then!). Picking up the bench tomorrow and hopefully Berni and Penny coming to pay the allotment a visit at the weekend.
How great to look forward to the weekend so much, for more reasons than it is 'not a work day'. Allotmenteering is cathartic as well, it helps to balance the pain of the loss of Stoofer a bit at the moment.

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