Sunday, 6 June 2010

Timmy meets the allotment

Today was Timmy's first trip to the allotment. Nigel brought him down after I had spent an hour or so clearing weeds (where had they all come from?!) and planting courgettes. He seemed to like it there.

Next weekend I am taking advantage of the 'special offer' that Nigel gave me as my wedding anniversary present - I have compost bins in urgent need of renovation and replacement with my new compost bin that was one of my birthday presents.

Yesterday Timmy had his first trip to Shingle Street - it met with his approval. We also discovered that he is definitely a water dog after he launched himself into the stinky mud of one of the lagoons there. We had to keep the car windows open on the way home because the smell was so bad!
He wasn't so sure about the sea though. I suspect that he may not have been to the seaside before.
Here are Timmy and Nigel before the entry to the mud.

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  1. fasterpussycat7 June 2010 at 21:08

    love that boy timmy, so pleased for you (and that boy alfie is pretty gorgeous too) (oh and that boy nigel ain't half bad...) S&K ;-)