Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I have had an idea for a project for ages. I really like the textures that you find in fishing nets and lobster pots, so today when Nigel and I went for a walk at Felixstowe Ferry I took loads of photos of nets and pots and gravel and drift wood and river plants. I want to try to use other mediums to recreate some of the patterns and textures that I found in them. It's still a seed of an idea at the moment, but I'm going to set it for myself as my summer project. However Callie and Nigel will probably remind me that one of my other projects (from about ten years ago) - a textured embroidery of standing stones at sunrise - is still knocking around somewhere unfinished! I'm still knitting Alfie's baby blanket because it took so long to source the wool. I think that Callie is a bit worried that he'll be a teenager before I get it done.

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