Monday, 8 February 2010

Norfolk chill out

We have a strong connection with Norfolk - it is our neighbouring county; Nigel was born there; we had our honeymoon there; we've had many holidays there and I can trace my family to about 30 square miles of Norfolk for over 400 years.
So where better to go for a weekend of 'getting away from it all'. This was my Xmas present to Nigel - a weekend at Cley Windmill B&B. Lovely location, beautiful room - with a bath!! Vegetarian catering not so hot though... it amazes me that some places still think that it is acceptable to provide us veggies with a cooked breakfast, but just without the meaty bits! However, overall it was a lovely weekend with a spooky mist hanging over the marshes for nearly all day Saturday.
We detoured on our way home to stop at an animal rescue centre in Norfolk that we are considering getting a new rescue dog from. We both finally feel that it is time now for us to be able to start to think about getting another dog. We both miss Stoofer a great deal and much as we love our cats, it is not quite the same.

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