Sunday, 17 January 2010


I went to the allotment this morning for the first time since the snow has gone. I had to repair the brassica cage which had collapsed and harvested some leeks and some curly kale. The allotments all look very sad and brown, but there are green shoots coming through - my onions and garlic seem to have survived the frosts ok, although the tops are a little curled.
I am now sitting with my tin of seeds planning what to grow where for the coming year. As well as the allotment I have raised beds in the garden, which I didn't really use to their full potential last year. My idea is to grow the things that I will want instant access to in the garden - salads mainly, and use the allotment to grow the crops that take up more room.
I always get carried away when ordering seeds, usually duplicating things that I already have, so this time I am going to be better organised and catalogue what I have already before ordering.

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