Monday, 21 December 2009

The obligatory blog snow photo!

Snow makes everything look so beautiful and pure and clean. However it also makes little birds very cold and hungry and makes little cats (well one of them) poo on Nigel's office floor because she is too cold to go outside!
I had 15 green finches on my bird feeders at one time this morning, and I have to keep going out to de-ice the bird bath so that they have water.
Gladys, the offending little cat, ran around the house miaowing this morning. It was not until she could hold it in no longer that we realised what she had been trying to tell us!
All four cats are off to a cattery for the first time on Wednesday when Nigel and I go off to our favourite place in the world - Shingle Street - for Xmas. It's our first Xmas without Stoofer and Callie is also staying in Brighton, so we'll be on our own in a bleak, desolate and spookily magical place. It's also where we sprinkled Stoofer's ashes so he'll be with us in spirit.
I'm loading up with books, knitting projects and sketch books and am going to use the time away to truly relax and stop thinking about work!
If I don't post again until after the festive season, many blessings to anyone who reads this and have a good Xmas.

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