Monday, 1 June 2009

Anniversaries, good byes and badgers

On Friday night Nigel and I went on a badger watch. It was a great experience. My previous sightings of live badgers (rather than those lying dead at the side of the road) have been few and at a great distance.
Yesterday was our wedding anniversary and we sprinkled Stoofer's ashes at Shingle Street. He was our "best dog" at our wedding so we thought that this was an appropriate time to perform the ritual farewell to him. It was a beautiful day and we carried him across the stones for one last time and scattered him on the beach where he loved to bumble around. It felt right.
In the evening we danced to "our song" as the sun went down - we're such a corny couple - The Ship Song by Nick Cave and the Badseeds.
I love my husband very much and he makes me feel complete - he' s also about the only person that ever reads my blog!


  1. Not so. Gerty is sitting on my lap as I type and also looking at your blog! x

  2. No he's not!
    I'm not looking forward to Kya passing on one day.